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Top 3 Benefits of Natural Hair Colouring

Popular and effective as they may be, chemical hair dye poses severe long term compromises to the quality of our hair. While delivering on its colouring function, it also weakens the hair shaft, increases hair breakage and in some severe cases, causes skin burns, faintness and even face-swelling. As a result, consumers are increasingly turning to natural hair colouring which not only pose no health risks to our hair and body, it also works to repair already damaged hair!

No Health Risks to Hair, Scalp and Body

The majority of permanent hair dyes in the market today contain harmful preservatives and synthetic materials that can damage the quality of our hair as well as cause health problems to our body. These chemicals typically include an alkalising agent like ammonia which helps the product to penetrate the outer layer of the hair shaft, and other ingredients such as hydrogen peroxide, paraphenylenediamine (PPD) and resorcinol which cause chemical reactions inside the hair shaft to create colour molecules.

These toxins can lead to skin irritation including redness, itching and burning. In some cases, serious allergic reactions can cause lightheadedness, swelling of the face and neck that may even lead to difficulty in breathing.

Natural Hair Colouring is made entirely of natural ingredients such as plant extracts and hence poses no health risks to the body. Mayfair Hair Solutions uses natural hair colouring that is imported from Italy and has been dermatologically and Nickel tested. It is ideal even for sensitive skin.

It Nourishes the Hair Strands

Natural hair colouring is made with plant extracts which supply the hair strands with nutrients. It also doubles as a treatment to repair damaged hair. It can help with existing problems such as dandruff, split ends and hair breakage. The natural herbs nourish each strand from its core and form a protective coating over it. This makes the hair healthy, silky and shiny, preventing breakage as well as looking incredibly lustrous. The aromatic scent is obtained by mixing essential oils which can help to promote hair growth. It also leaves the hair smelling gorgeous without the usual traces of toxic substances found in perfume fragrances.

A Variety of Natural-Looking Colours Available

Natural Hair Colouring allows you to tint your hair in a range of natural-looking colours from black to blonde. Since the colouring has no damaging effect, it can be applied as often and for as long as you want to achieve the desired shade.

Tips for Natural Hair Colouring

After the colouring treatment, the natural ingredients create an oxidative effect for the colour to take root. So, please do not shampoo your hair 2 to 3 days following the treatment. After that, use hair care products made with natural ingredients to maintain the colour and health of your hair for longer.

As hair rejuvenation experts, our priority is to look after the health of your hair to boost growth and prevent unnecessary damage. To learn more about Natural Hair Colouring at our salon, feel free to contact us!

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