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Several Main Causes of Hair Loss

Have you been experiencing hair loss? Are you unsure of its cause? Here are a few of the main common reasons for hair thinning that may help you identify the issues you are encountering. Knowing the cause of hair loss allows you to possibly reverse its effects by cutting out bad habits and boosting hair growth with appropriate treatments.

  • Hereditary hair loss: Hereditary hair loss is the most common cause that happens gradually with aging. This condition is called androgenic alopecia. In men, the pattern is usually receding hair line and balding at the top of the head. For women, it is usually hair thinning along the crown of the scalp. Fortunately, it is possible to slow down or even reverse this type of alopecia with natural hair rejuvenation treatments!
  • Stress-induced: People who were exposed to physical or emotional shock may experience general thinning of the hair several months after the event. This type of hair loss is usually temporary. But if a person is often under heavy stress due to their lifestyle, this can lead to hair loss too. To learn more about stress-induced hair loss, please read our previous blog post.
  • Autoimmune diseases: Alopecia areata can be caused by the immune system mistakenly attacking healthy hair follicles. Examples of autoimmune diseases include thyroid disorders, anaemias, type 1 diabetes, celiac disease and other skin disorders.
  • Medication: Hair loss can be a side effect of certain drugs, such as those used to treat cancer, gout, heart problems, depression, arthritis, and high blood pressure.
  • Hormonal changes: Changes in hormone levels can suddenly cause a large amount of hair loss. It is commonly seen post-pregnancy and during menopause in women. The good news is that these symptoms are usually temporary and will pass over time.
  • Hairstyling habits and treatments: Hair styles that require hot tools, pulling your hair tightly and chemical treatments can really damage your hair in the long run. Intensive hair conditioning treatments can help to reduce or reverse the damage done by heat and chemical treatments, restoring health to your hair shafts and lower the amount of hair fallout.

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