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Postpartum hair loss rejuvenation 產後脫髮

How to Stop Postpartum Hair Loss

You see it on your pillow, in the shower, and in your newborn’s hands after some casual cuddles. It’s your hair… and it’s falling out in chunks in a manner you have never experienced before! Don’t worry, you’re not alone. Postpartum hair loss is a common problem faced by many moms today.

Although postpartum hair loss (alopecia) doesn’t happen to all women after giving birth, it does happen to roughly 40 to 50% of them, according to the American Pregnancy Association. For moms of more than one child, it may happen after one pregnancy and not the other. No matter the extent, pregnancy causes dramatic changes to the body’s hormone levels. Here are some causes behind heavy amounts of hair loss.


Pregnancy causes your hormones, including estrogen and progesterone, as well as blood volume to rise. This contributes to a lustrous thick head of hair which you may flaunt while carrying a baby. After giving birth, your hormone levels will start to level out. Some hormones will return to normal as quickly as within a day while some may take weeks. Postpartum hair loss can hence begin any day after giving birth and last for as long as a year. Most people will notice it the most at around the 3 to 4 month mark.

Amount of Hair Loss

A person who is not pregnant loses about 80 to 100 strands of hair a day while new moms can lose up to 400 strands! While you are pregnant, your hair growth increases and you also lose less hair. Once you’ve had your baby, the hair that your pregnancy has held onto will shed along with the usual amount in a normal hair growth cycle. Therefore, the amount of hair falling off is much larger than before.

What You Can Do 


Boost your hair growth by enjoying foods that are rich in protein, irons and vitamins on top of a balanced diet to replenish any deficiencies you suffer caused by childbirth. 

Protein and its building blocks, amino acids, are essential for growth in the human body. Hence, it is necessary for postpartum women to consume a protein-rich diet, especially to foster hair growth. Great sources of protein can be found in eggs, fatty fish such as salmon, beans and meat.

Steak Vegetables

Iron helps red blood cells to circulate oxygen throughout the body, fueling metabolism for growth and repair. Blood volume postpartum usually decreases, so this mineral is needed to heighten metabolism which in turns boosts hair growth.  Foods that are rich in iron include spinach, beans and meat, red meat in particular are rich in a type of iron that is easy to absorb.

Nourishing your diet with other nutrients such as vitamins A, C, D, and E can promote hair growth, as well as keeping your hair strong and healthy. It can also fuel the production and absorption of other useful nutrients such as the ones mentioned above. Majority of fruits and vegetables are excellent sources of various vitamins. Nuts and seeds also contain vitamins and essential fatty acids that can contribute to hair growth.

Natural Home Remedies

Another way to feed nutrients into your hair is by applying some natural products directly onto your hair and scalp. This adds nourishment to your hair and makes the strands healthier and stronger.

You can massage pure coconut oil, olive oil and almond oil which are all full of nutrients that help to reverse damage and give you an incredibly shiny mane. If you prefer something less greasy, try aloe vera gel instead which has enzymes that stimulate hair follicles, promoting regrowth.

Aloe vera cut open dripping

Leave it to the Professionals

If you don’t have the patience for a drastic change in diet, DIY home treatments, or just want to try something that will help to bring back your beautiful hair sooner, feel free to send us a message to arrange a free analysis at our salon and see which of our hair rejuvenation treatments would be most suitable for you.

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